3.5" x 6" w/ tear-off *
4.25" x 5.5"
4" x 6"
4.25" x 6"
5" x 7"
4.25" x 10.5"
5.5" x 8.5"
6" x 9"
6" x 11"
6.125" x 11.5"
8.5" x 11"

8" x 6" flat / 4" x 6" finish
12" x 9" flat / 6" x 9" finish
12" x 11.5" flat / 6" x 11.5" finish

12" x 6" flat / 4" x 6" finish
18" x 9" flat / 6" x 9" finish
18" x 11.5" flat / 6" x 11.5" finish

Business Cards
Marketing Packages
Door Hangers

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United Postcard can provide a targeted mailing list, design in full-color postcards and effectively execute a successful direct marketing campaign for you from start to finish. Proven to increase your business.

United Postcard has direct access to the best consumer and business list databases on the market.

We provide "lists" for:

  • Email Data & Campaigns for email services
  • Occupant Mailing Lists for direct mail (B2C)
  • Consumer Mailing Lists for direct mail (B2C)
  • Business Mailing Lists for direct mail (B2B)

    Because of the volume we generate, we can SAVE YOU on the cost of your postcard mailings. Always providing you the freshest, most accurate lists ensures we have the most optimized mailings around.

    About Email Lists
    Our 100% permission-based, non-spam lists are updated daily with new data from our partners and scrubbed daily for opt-outs and failures to be certain that our clients' mailings have the best response rates in the industry.

    We also adhere to the "CAN SPAM Act of 2003".

    Helpful List Information

    One of the easiest ways to make certain that your mail is delivered and not returned to you is to add "Current Resident" to all the addresses for your B2C mailings. By doing this, you are assured that whoever is at that address will receive your message.

    To ensure that lists purchased from us are as accurate as possible, whenever possible, we work with list providers that monthly utilize NCOA, (National Change of Address) which compares names and addresses to the last 48-months of notifications to the Post Office. For those lists where this is not automatic, we process the lists through NCOA at no additional charge, as service that is normally optional and is provided separately with an extra cost. While this will increase the deliverability rate, it in no way eliminates the challenge of dealing with incorrect or outdated information.

    You can also utilize "Ancillary Endorsements" that will provide for mail forwarding and address corrections. The Postal Service specifies four different endorsements that signify different ways for mail to be handled when the person or company is no longer at that address. These services usually have a Post Office service fee associated with them.

    1. Forwarding Service Requested
    2. Address Service Requested
    3. Return Service Requested
    4. Change Service Requested

    When deciding on a targeted list, you will often be faced with a large quantity of names that fit your audience criteria. Before making the commitment to purchase the entire list, you should consider testing a smaller list first. So, if there are 20,000 names available, try buying and mailing to only 2,000. Measure the response to that mailing before taking the next step. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your list selection criteria, the strength of your message and the offer you are using to interest people in your business. You can then make adjustments and test again.

    Remember, successful direct mail is a process, not an event.

    One-Time vs. Multi-Use Lists

    One of the decisions you need to make is how many times you want to use the list you are purchasing. All lists are available for a one-time use only and MOST lists are offered for unlimited use for one year at a higher cost. Many list providers include "seed" names in their lists that have addresses that they control. This means that they receive an additional mail piece at that address and know when the list has been used again. By purchasing a list for unlimited use, you can use the data for one year as many times as you wish and don't have to pay additional charges until you purchase it again for the next year.

    When buying a one-time use list from us, we receive that list and use it for the mailing you specify. You will not receive a copy of the list. However, if you purchase an unlimited use list, we use the list for your mailing, keep it on file for additional uses and also send you an electronic copy of it in an easily used format. This copy includes all the data fields that you requested when placing your order, (i.e. name, address, city, state, zip, phone #, etc).

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    Let one of our marketing specialists assist you today!

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    Everything you need to successfully market your business.

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