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We mail through USPS at low cost.

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United Postcard can handle your postcard mailing for you plus you will save money on postage!

We us a software package from the U.S. Post Office that reads the addresses and assigns each a barcode. This software also removes all the addresses it recognizes as undeliverable so that you don't pay postage for cards that will inevitably be returned because of a bad address. The Post Office gives us a discount because we have invested in automation. Our software is updated every month, people do move and businesses do go under, so there will always be a few bad addresses.

There are many rules and regulations in postcard mailing and the post office changes them constantly, so it is important for us to ensure we adhere to these rules and regulations in order to keep the cost minimal.

You can also supply us with you customer list to send to or purchase a list from our resources.

We can supply you with a targeted postcard mailing list or lists if you do not possess your own. There are different fees for different types of lists. Call your marketing specialists to find out more at 877-624-5496

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Commercial Real Estate Postcards
Commercial Real Estate Postcards
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